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Comprehensive Excavation Services

At Earth Moved Excavation, we pride ourselves on our extensive array of excavation services equipped to meet your every need. Our team combines advanced equipment with unmatched expertise to ensure high-quality results. Here's a look at our wide range of services!

Electrical and Utility Trenching

We specialise in creating precise trenches for electrical lines and storm water & irrigation systems, ensuring that your utilities are expertly installed with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape.

Full-Scale Excavation and Earth Moving

Whether you're looking to clear a plot of land, move large quantities of earth, or break rock for concrete removal (be it indoors or outdoors), our full and varied excavation services have got you covered.

Specialised Equipment for Every Job

  • Orga and Crane Services: Ideal for post hole digging and sleeper placement, our Orga and crane services offer precise results even in the most challenging locations.
  • Narrow Access Machines: Our fleet includes narrow access machines capable of fitting through spaces as small as 80 cm, ensuring we can reach even the most inaccessible sites.

Expert Retaining Wall Solutions

A good retaining wall not only supports and maintains the landscape but also enhances its appearance. At Earth Moved Excavation, we offer expert guidance and execution for retaining walls, from new constructions to renovations and repairs.

Modernising Retaining Walls

We specialise in updating old sleeper walls with modern, stronger materials. Choose between concrete or wooden installations according to your aesthetic preference and structural needs.

Yard Clearing & Debris Removal

Our yard clearing and removal services are designed to prepare your site for whatever project you have in mind, with minimal impact on your property.

Specialty Machinery

Our specialty machinery requires minimal space to operate, making Earth Moved Excavation your best choice even for properties with restricted access. Concerned about potential damage to your lawn or paved areas? Our ‘track driven’ machines are designed to lessen the impact, ensuring your property remains pristine.

Ready to transform your landscape or tackle that big excavation project? Contact Earth Moved Excavation today! Our team is eager to discuss your needs and deliver solutions tailored just for you. Whether it's a complex excavation or a simple yard clearing, we've got the expertise and equipment to get the job done right. Call or Email us to get your estimate and start your project with the best in the business.